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Find out how KnK Japan is helping students get access to Quality Education and creating long lasting impact!

Disaster Resilient Inclusive Schools Infrastructure​

We, in collaboration with Dr. Qaiser Ali Associates as our esteemed consultants, has successfully delivered over 200 disaster-resistant and inclusive school infrastructures in support of both the Education and Secondary Education (E&SE) Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K).
These schools feature a diverse range of structural designs, encompassing lightweight steel structures, heavy-duty steel structures, and reinforced concrete structures, all meticulously crafted in accordance with the designs sanctioned by the University of Engineering Peshawar and meticulously vetted by the National Engineering Council Pakistan (NESPAK).
The initiatives are focused on providing safe and secure learning environments, aiming to foster a brighter future for students and communities.


Upgradation Of Schools

KnK Japan actively supports the upgradation of schools in alignment with Education Department. By providing crucial infrastructure across KP Province, we bridge educational transitions, enhance learning opportunities, and significantly contribute to the reduction of out-of-school Children, fostering increased enrollment and retention rates.


Aligned with Educational Sector

In line with the Elementary & Secondary Education Sector Plan 2020 & 2025 and its guidelines, KnK Japan have consistently prioritized supporting the Department in areas of need reflecting its commitment to the educational development goals outlined therein.

Empowering Educational Upgradation

As part of our commitment to support educational development, we have played a pivotal role in providing infrastructure to schools slated for upgradation across District Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram, and District Torghar in KP Province a crucial step in improving the educational landscape and enhancing learning opportunities.

Bridging Educational Transitions

The schools supported by us have not only met the needs of the E&SE Department KP Province in term of upgradation but have also made significant contributions to improving the transition rate of students from primary to middle level, middle to high level, and high level to higher secondary level. This has ultimately reduced the number of out-of-school girls aged 9 to 16 years, fostering increased enrollment and retention rates.

Alternate Learning Pathways


Empowering Girls Through Alternate Learning Pathways Centers (ALPs)

Cooperation Agency (JICA), KnK Japan proudly introduces the ALPs project, establishing vital learning centers in the remote regions of Karg Allai and Bateela Allai within District Battagram. These centers cater to the educational needs of girls facing various challenges, ensuring they can continue their post-primary education.

Pioneering Educational Progress

The ALPs project pioneers a condensed 18-month curriculum, allowing girls to attain their lower secondary school certificate efficiently. Tailored to their needs, this pilot program accelerates educational progress for girls who have encountered obstacles in their learning journey.

Partnership with AIOU

Examinations conducted by Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, mark the successful completion of education for ALPs participants. The university’s involvement not only assesses and acknowledges their achievements but also enhances the program’s credibility.

Building Livelihoods

ALPs goes beyond formal education, providing practical skills to empower girls for future livelihoods. Focused on sustainability, the program ensures that graduates possess the necessary skills and capabilities for meaningful and sustainable employment.

Enrollment and Impact

Since its inception, the ALPs project has enrolled 150 girls across the two centers, demonstrating its profound impact on underserved girls in remote areas. These enrollment figures underscore the tangible success of the project in providing educational opportunities and skills development to empower girls for a brighter future.


Capacity Building

KnK Japan’s impactful capacity building efforts in education encompass a broad spectrum of initiatives.
  • Training of 5000 teachers
  • 1600 PTC (Parent-Teacher Council) members
  • Successful implementation of school development plans in 200 institutions
  • Fostering inclusivity and empowerment by formation and orientation of 200 Girl Circles
  • 50 inter and intra-school competitions.
  • Conducted ten mentoring sessions for Girl Circles.

Emergency Response Program

Our primary and unwavering commitment has always been to respond swiftly to disasters. Since the 2005 earthquake that struck the Northern Areas and the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in Pakistan, we have consistently positioned ourselves on the frontline, ready to reach disaster-prone areas and provide assistance to those in need. Whether it involves offering psychosocial support, rebuilding devastated infrastructure, or supplying essential food and non-food items, we spare no effort to reach out to distressed communities.
Our emergency response program has been instrumental in restoring education and providing crucial support during times of crisis. Following the devastating earthquake in 2005 in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and Azad Jammu & Kashmir, we offered psychosocial assistance to traumatized children and established Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) in schools that were ravaged by the earthquake.


Flood-Resilient Construction Insights from KnK Japan

Explore our experts’ recommendations on enhancing flood resilience in vulnerable areas. Learn about elevating existing structures, incorporating pile foundations, and utilizing flood-resistant materials for new constructions. Discover successful applications and innovative design approaches to mitigate flood damage. Empower your community with proactive solutions for a resilient future.
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