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KnK Japan's Flood Emergency Response Program

The “Flood emergency response program in Sindh and Balochistan” by KnK Japan aimed to provide emergency assistance to the flood-affected communities in these regions. The program included several interventions, one of which was the provision of emergency shelter.

Under this program, the provision of shelter was an important component. The program provided low-cost shelter designs, shelter kits, mosquito nets, and materials needed for the rehabilitation of damaged houses. This intervention aimed to address the urgent shelter needs of the flood- affected populations and ensure their safety and dignity.

Additionally, the program included conducting training on shelter installation for local communities and partners. This helped build the capacity of these communities to respond to emergencies in the future and promote self-sufficiency. Overall, the “Flood emergency response program in Sindh and Balochistan” by KnK Japan was a crucial intervention in response to the flood emergency. It provided emergency shelter to the most vulnerable populations and contributed to their safety and well-being during the crisis. The provision of low-cost shelter designs and materials, as well as the training on shelter installation, helped promote long-term recovery and resilience of the communities affected by the floods.


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Shelter & NFI
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