KnK Japan is actively engaging students in awareness sessions, fostering a generation committed to a clean and green energy future.
KnK's Impact in education Sector shines through the construction of 242 schools, including 79 TLP and 2 ALP facilities, as well as the development of 8 SMART Schools, positively impacting countless students' access to quality education.
KnK is leaving a lasting impact and advancing access to clean water and sanitation. This includes the establishment of 2 RO plants and 14 Ultrafiltration plants, furthering our commitment to improving water quality and hygiene for communities in need.
KnK's dedication to disaster risk reduction and climate-resilient infrastructure has led to the development of 204+ projects, Strengthening communities against environmental challenges and safeguarding their future.
KnK has achieved significant milestones, including training 5,000 teachers, empowering 1,600 PTC members with expanded responsibilities, and enhancing life skills and mental health and psychosocial support for 7,700 individuals.
KnK has made substantial contributions, including providing shelter and non-food items to more than 4,270 individuals, ensuring access to quality education for 600,000 students, and advocating for gender equity with an outreach of more than 190,000 people.
KnK fully committed to promoting health and addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19 through its support to 2,000 schools, the establishment of 6 DHQs, 10 BHUs, and close collaboration with government departments, including district administration.
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